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Hello from Solidago Acres!

Owner of Solidago Acres with plant sprouts in the forefront.

Brandi Williams

Owner & Operator of Solidago Acres & PIE

I am thrilled to be introducing Solidago Acres! Some may know me as the owner and operator of Primally Inspired Eats (PIE). Yes, PIE still exists, and will be baking again soon! Solidago is truly the unfolding of a larger vision I always held for PIE. A permanent home kitchen on farm space where we could grow even more food for ourselves, for our community, for ingredients in baking and for creating memorable farm to table experiences. Enter Solidago!


A beautiful opportunity came in the form of an abandoned equestrian center on the east side of Bloomington. Drive down Russell Road and you can't miss the spectacular sight of the massive barn and stables sitting on nearly 9 acres, surrounded by beautifully fenced pastures. It is a sight to behold!


What I saw, was an opportunity for the adaptive reuse of a much loved property waiting to be seeded with new life. We could steward the land, farm, bake, cater, host farm to table dinners, potentially offer venue space, and board a limited number of horses. More importantly, we could create a sustainable model to support the core of what we're doing, growing and producing food for our community and those experiencing food insecurity. 

Which brings us to the present moment. We are planning our first growing season, selecting the 2023 open farm dates for a farm to table experience, and hosting our first resident equine friends. Explore the website and stay up to date by following us on social media. Interested in collaborative opportunities? Let's connect! Want to support our efforts? Donate or sign up to volunteer below! That's it for now. More to come!   

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